Florida surveillance. Using the latest technology.

    We simply offer more.

    Ultimate Access

    Ground surveying has many limitations; there are certain regions of land in Florida that may not be surveyed in a timely fashion, or it is impossible altogether. RapidHeli relies on helicopter surveying, which makes it easier to access hard-to-reach locations.

    Accurate Information

    RapidHeli has been partnering up with corporate and industry leaders for improved land surveys. We use the latest in LiDAR & Infrared imaging, as well as HD/4K capture to ensure the most accurate and informative surveys in Florida.

    Helicopters vs. Drones

    Where drones have their advantages, helicopters are a clear choice when conducting aerial surveys. Along with the ability to fly longer hours and reach higher altitudes, helicopters also have heavier load capacities which not only allows you to see the area with your own eyes but opens up the option for higher quality equipment that often cannot be fitted to a drone.

    Aerial Videography

    RapidHeli keeps up to date, using gyro-stabilized camera mounts (Tyler Mounts, Wesscam, Cineflex, Pictorvision, and SpaceCam) with specialty cameras (Cineflex HD, RED Epic, Arri Alexa) and even 3D and experimental cameras in Miami.

    Solutions in Florida

    • Pipeline & Transmission Inspection
    • Construction Surveys
    • Agriculture Mapping
    • Real Estate Scouting
    • LiDAR & Infrared Imaging
    • HD Gimbal Video & Photo Capture
    • News & Sports Coverage
    • Film & Television
    • ROW Inspections

    Why do you need RapidHeli in Florida?

    Win more projects by reducing your costs and time. Remove time and money spent on ground methods, or other services that have limited aircraft, pilots, or service areas.

    • More Aircraft Variety
    • Access to hard-to-reach areas
    • Countless Years of Experience
    • 100% Safety Record (No Injuries on Job)
    • 97% Jobs Completed On Time and Under Budget
    • Highest Quality Equipment
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